Honorable Mentions and Top 3

torsdag 2 februari 2012

This made my day!!

I just found out that my heart shaped chocolate box here below made top 3 at Inky Impressions.... Yeay!! It really made my day as I have been somewhat blue lately feeling that nothing I do is good enough... :-( But today I'm happy!!! :-)

Wish you all a great day!!!

4 kommentarer:

Ann-Charlotte's blogg sa...

Såå roligt Linda, stort Grattis!!!

Maritha sa...

yyeeeeeeyyyyy GRATTIS gumman!! =) Hoppas du känner dej lite mindre blå nu...;)


Anonym sa...

Yay!! Congrats to you sweetie!! I think you're an amazing crafter and I enjoy the inspiration I get from you girl...so well deserved award for sure!! Keep it up girl!!

Anna sa...

Grattis!! :) Så roligt, den var ju så himla fin.


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